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Post by {JSA}CF_.X. on Wed May 30, 2012 5:41 pm

{JSA}CL_A'den wrote:Since summer 2008 Ive been here doing whatever JSA needed of me. By the end of 2008 I had been promoted up the ranks to CCL. In early 2009 I had been thrust into leading JSA due to the first of X's absences it was a learning experience and by far the last time it would happen. In Winter 2009 the newly pinned CCL Scorpio proposed a vote for the entire clan to make me CL. Though out my time here I have made many friends, learned more than I thought possible and dealt with more than I could have every imagined from the website being hacked to a former CCL coming back and trying to seize control. Scorpio and I led JSA as a team and even took it upon ourselves to create the council which consisted of JSA's most influential and responsible members as to better JSA. On Nov 22nd 2010 {JSA}CL_SCORPIO, {JSA}CL_RimSh0t, {JSA}CCL_BigRed1, {JSA}CCL_Gman, {JSA}MAJ_Taylor, and myself all voted to retire JSA. We all agreed that JSA was made as only a SWBF2 clan and instead of just letting it fall into ruin, we would respectfully retire it. In July 2011 we brought JSA back for X's sake though as much as we tried, the rest of us felt it should have stayed retired before the attempt to revitalize a dead game destroyed what we had left of JSA. Now it is May 2012 and X has finally returned. It has been made rather apparent that the council is no longer needed as one man makes makes the decisions. This says a lot about leadership, be it good or bad all depends on the leadership approach you prefer. While the decision has been made to focus the efforts on a dead game, I, like my counterpart Scorpio, am moving on. I appreciate all of the leadership experience and growing that this clan enabled me to do, I feel as though I am no longer needed in this new view of JSA. I am posting my resignation now while I can still see the JSA I once fought for. Good luck and perhaps we will get the opportunity to go head to head some day.

If you guys ever do make it to next gen, find me at A Higher Standard (AHS).

Man,I know pain.This hurt to read...

A few things A'den...

JSA is not going to be defind by a game,yes it sad to see the old SWBF2 in it's shape it is in.But JSA is more than just the game we played.It's an idea,It's about playing with your friends and haveing fun while your kickin ass.It's a group who share the love a of gameing.I am so proud of you man,you did right by me and JSA.Leadership,Thats a big word man,heavy.I maybe the CL,but one man does not make the clan.It's a living breathing entity.It bleeds when it gets hurt.The Blood of JSA is the people,not the man.And the councel is needed,JSA needs it,JSA needs you.It needs everyone who loves to game and have fun.JSA is going to evolve.I am going to put my heart back into the JSA and what it stood for.I respect your desision,but i hope you will keep a close eye on JSA,and i hope one day you will come home...

Once your JSA,Your always be JSA.And you A'Den ARE JSA

The past is a memory,The future but a dream,The present is the reality...

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