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Post by {JSA}CCL_VOODOO on Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:05 pm

Back in 2008 me and my friends were trying to create a rap group for the school, and i needed a mc name for the performance onstage. And thats when my friend Derrick gave me the name malcolmoni, he said it reminded him of macoroni. It has been the name i have used for all my online games.

Back in 2005 i first purchased Star Wars battlefront 2 i really wasnt that good at it, but i didnt care i was just a fan of the movies and enjoyed playing the game. The one day i decided to go online and play, i only use to play rocket because i wasn't good at any of the other classes(you can say i was a noob i guess), i really wasnt into the whole clanning thing because it wasnt my cup of tea. Untill i went into the MERC server.

I first discovered MERC late one night and had a couple of online matches with them and decided to tryout for the clan. So i registered under a name of Obi-WanMasta (because it sounded cool to me) and was discovered by MERC-HIGGINS, he invited me to fill out an app to join. It took some days and finally i had an reply to my app, our former DL for SWBF2; Assassin offered a tryout for me adn i accepted. Excited and Nervous i entered the MERC server i had my very first tryout, of course i got my but handed to by assassin and was denied from entering the clan

After a couple of years i continued to play swbf2 and decided to give the whole clanning thing one more try, on June 13 i entered the JSA chillax hut hoping this would be a very good decision. After a couple of days playing in the hutt i wanted to join the clan, i filled out an app and was approved for a tryout by thunderxyz, but due to not showing up for the tryout date i was forced to find a different opponent. Thats when i first met BR, he tried me out on mos eisley and i won the match by a shotgun kill to the back and was approved to enter the clan. I went through 3 name changes first it was {JSA}PL_malcolmoni94, then it went to {JSA}PVT_Moni94, and finally everyone got used to calling me Moni so i changed it to that. Over the months i was gradually being known in JSA as a good sniper in the clan, and i used that to motivate me to get better than Red until i met Fullmetal(Icy if u didnt know) him and Wildeye trained me in the art of sniping showing me all their tips and tricks about the class.

I am very proud of myself for choosing this clan to be my home, besides all of the drama and inactivity i'm currently undergoing i met a good group of guys, friends, and family to go into battle with. {JSA} will always be my first and last clan i would ever be in.

Formerly {JSA}CL_A'den

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