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Post by {JSA}CCL_VOODOO on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:25 am

In late 2005 , three Star Wars Alliance (SWA) privates were all in a battle on Star Wars Battlefront II, when the leader Obi-Won and a some of the other high ranks in the clan decided to treat these privates like some bantha fodder. The three privates were on a remote planet with each other just talking about what they could do. Then came the idea of creating a clan. The three discussed the idea and what to name it. Then Private StealthSniper (Marka) had an idea for a name and it was the Jedi Sith Alliance. The two other privates Ghost and Bly were ready to be JSA but instead of doing it right away they waited a little while before making it official. Within there first day or two, the first two recruits were two space pilots X and Killdozer. Thus the Jed Sith Alliance was born right after Christmas of 2005. Heavy recruitment began and within a month JSA went from five members to a little under 40.The clan grew very fast. For the work in recruitment and in clan life Killdozer and X were granted the title of clan founders and were placed in charge of space. The clan kept growing and soon came to be known as one of the elite in space. Sadly, down the road the three former members of SWA left for what ever reasons and Killdozer and X were the only founders left.

At its peak JSA members included
KillDozer, Bolt, N4Sir Wizard, DjCripp, Redek, Weapon, LeMaster, Kaze, AssaultTank, Rogux1000, Denko, Pvt. Mike, Tater, Kahn, Doom, Roman, ME262, DarthShonts, Rune, Tonka, Predalien64, EvilAnvil, Taylor, Shadow, Lord Blake, and many more who fall into faded memories.

This motley group carried on for sometime. Ultimately, X lost the ability to help with the clan. Killdozer then carried on for some time. Then things seem to fall apart... Whether jobs, school, or lack of interest people just stopped playing. That was a dark time in the history, now like a phoenix from the ashes we rise again. . . and JSA shall endure.

In early summer 2008, A'den joined JSA. JSA was composed of really laid back and all out fun members. As it was explained to him by X, JSA was a clan where you could just chill and have fun. After going through two prior unorganized clans A'den felt JSA was a perfect place for him. After playing with the JSA members for a few weeks he decided to join. X, impressed with A'den's sniping skills decided he didnt need a tryout but would give him one so it was in the books. JSA was very organized when it came to records. It was the responsibility of each member to have their records up to date. Ranks were based not only by traditional rank, but also class. The most memorable players from this time consisted of .X., My_Rectum, Icewolf, GunSh0t, Rimsh0t, Bolt, Kaze, Taylor and Passion. JSA didnt have the best record out there when it came to grounds and A'den wasnt any kind of pilot. He preferred to sit in turrets and pick of fighters; however, this frustrated .X. and a few others who then made A'den fly. With the help of .X., A'den became a fierce pilot. A'den started out as a PVT like everyone else, but because of his game and leadership skill, he quickly rose to the rank of CCL.

In late fall 2008, JSA has gathered many new members and has even brought back a few of the old. JSA tried to branch into Xbox 360 led by Doom, who X had appointed CL of that branch. That ended up not working because that branch was separated from JSA as a whole due to them having there own site. These members ended up vanishing from JSA all together. However, this high point in SWBF2 did not last very long. X had real life issues that demanded his presence causing him to go MIA and take the paid for server with him. A'den who was a brand new CCL at the time was thrust into a leadership position that was unfamiliar to him. With the nonappearance of X and many other members, A'den was forced to struggle onward with the few loyal who remained. A'den had to learn quickly how to use a server manager because without a server, a team is nothing. JSA then proceeded to used a downloaded server for some time. Luckily X did come back just in time to thwart Devil_Wing's attempt at a coup. The nearly dead JSA banished Devil_Wing and his accomplices from ever returning. This however would not last as X attempted to bring Devil_Wing back as a member of his dream team. JSA somehow managed to rebound with the return of X because the return of X meant the return of the server and the website now had its Admin back as well as JSA having its leader back.

In winter of 2008 and early spring of 2009, many members had left for various reasons and JSA once again landed in a slump. It didnt help that X had once again vanished. In late April, with things looking grim in JSA, 2 members, Kaito and Scorpio, left JSA to awaken X to that fact that JSA was not doing too well due to inner issues and Zuberi. X had to take a breather and went inactive for some time leaving A'den as the temporary leader. Scorpio created MAS, Mandalorian Assualt Squad, and Kaito became it's CCL. Wildeye and Ordo left JSA and went to MAS due to JSA not being what it used to be. MAS became good allies with JSA while under the command of A'den. Scorpio's and Kaito's purpose was to help JSA anyway they could even though they had left, they swore not to return to JSA until it was back to it's former glory. X came back after 2 weeks and challenged Kaito to a space battle, if X won, Kaito and Scorpio would come back to JSA and Zuberi would be banned from the server forever. X won and Scorpio and Kaito came back. After about a week, Kaito and Scorpio made ammends with Zuberi and he was allowed back into the server and later joined JSA as Leonidas. JSA has limped on since then.

In late spring of 2009 X once again returned to lead the crumbling JSA Empire. With the return of X the few remaining members were able to get things limping along. JSA was beginning to attract new members and was suffering from the worst record in Battlefront history. X began to mislead the entire Battlefront Community by saying he was going to retire. He then lost sight of the basis of what JSA was founded upon and became only concerned with winning. This frustrated many of JSA's members because X used his Retirement Ploy to bring in outside players to join JSA for his "last" season. He pushed aside many of the loyal JSA for his "Winning Team", his "Dream Team". Some of JSA's loyal members left JSA. While these were not the best decisions .X. has ever made, deep down he had JSA at heart and was willing to do whatever it took to untarnish the former glory that JSA had shown in space and apply it to conquest. It was in the midst of all these clouded decisions of X's that were beginning to tear JSA apart that the Council was formed.

In Fall of 2009 the Council was formed from the most active and most influential members of JSA. These members were from all different ranks and, it was their job to make decisions to better JSA. It was discovered that one man leading JSA was far to dangerous and unstable to be effective. Visions that one man saw could have a flaw that he did not see. The council was used as a variety of view points all the way from the lowest member to the highest. It used the difference in rank among members to point out how certain decisions could affect each member. With the help of the Council, CL_.X. began to piece JSA back together. At its peak this council contained X, A'den, Scorpio, Marka, Kaito, Blaze, Acer213, and Leonidas.

Now in Winter of 2009 JSA found itself missing all of its leaders except CCL A'den who arose with BM Scorpio to take the reigns. CL_.X. had a mishap causing him to take an extended leave of absence. The other leaders left were busy with personal life and they too vanished. The now diminished council voted for BM Scorpio to become CCL Scorpio who, with the other members of JSA, took it upon themselves to make CCL A'den, CL A'den. With A'den and Scorpio handling the main reigns of JSA, we have become more lively and are bouncing back, gaining the respect of other clans as we do so. The Council now consists of A'den, Scorpio, Kaito, and Acer213. The Council has now put JSA back on track and JSA already has one of the best conquest records in its long history.

Late Winter of '09/ Early '10 JSA made quite a few advancements. Not only has our SWBF2 team grown, but we have also expanded into CoD:MW2 as well as SOCOM:CA. This is a great step for JSA because we had tried to expand in the past, but the attempts never seemed to stick. A'den and Scorpio had discussed the idea of expanding. Eventually they came to the decision that it could only be a benefit for JSA to try. It was unsure as to who should lead these new divisions. A'den knew a few people who were still a part of JSA but were inactive because of next gen gaming. A'den then found Rimsh0t and facebook and privately discussed the idea of him leading the MW2 division. Rimmy was thrilled at the idea of leading the division, and soon after, it was agreed that Rimsh0t would be the leader of JSA on MW2. Thus far the division has flourished. We also expanded to SOCOM 2, the always loyal Acer213 was selected to lead this division. However, it was pushed to move from SOCOM 2 to SOCOM CA. In this push, the lead of the SOCOM Division shifted from Acer to BigRed1. All three of the JSA divisions are very active and thriving. The team voted to make Scorpio a CL along with A'den. A'den was very glad to have Scorpio to be a CL. Not only did Scorpio become CL, but N4SiR returned as CCL. A few weeks later, A'den retired as CL of JSA. Scorpio wouldnt let A'den actually leave, and made him his advisor. After A'den's retirement, Scorpio added the JSA Radio, a talk show set-up that covers all the relevant topics needed to be discussed and just to interact with the members. This Radio Show is highly entertaining and very effective. Also, other JSA members are able to call in and place their views to the host, CL_Scorpio. A'den, buying an XBOX 360, rejoined JSA on the MW2 division under the name of GUARDIAN. Scopio refused to let Guardian sit there as a PL and decided to make him a General. Under a push from Acer213, the council resumed making votes on more topics and has really assisted Scorpio in his decisions. The Current council consists of: {JSA}CL_SCORPIO {JSA}DL_RIMSH0T {JSA}GEN_BLAZE {JSA}GEN_GUARDIAN(A'den) {JSA}COL_KAITO {JSA}MSG_ACER213 {JSA}SFC_BigRed1

Early April 2010, Acer213 has yet another temper tantrum about being out voted by the council. He then quits JSA, takes a few newer members from JSA and creates HIT. HIT is mainly composed of former JSA. JSA and HIT had a large rivalry mainly due to more issues and immaturity caused by Acer213. HIT and its members were repeatedly warned to quit causing drama and that Acer would show his true colors and screw HITs members over. Eventually the HIT site gets a S.HIT makeover due to JSA members getting fed up with Acers drama. Guardian had admin to the HIT site and freely passed it out to all JSA who wanted it. With the destruction of the HIT site, things cooled down somewhat due to a warning left on the HIT site. After Acer did his best to rebuild the site, they challenged JSA to a match. JSA had its first Socom Combined Assault Battle Against HIT. JSA won with the team of {JSA}CCL_BigRed1, {JSA}CL_Scorpio, {JSA}OFFICERMARIO. Soon after the battle was over, Acer informed HIT that he single handidly beat three JSA, with his mad skills. The score was 6-1 in JSA's favor. Because JSA instantly confronted Acer on his bogus rants it was agreed that there would be a 3 v 3 rematch. The end result was 7-0 in JSA's favor. JSA of course won which resulted in the end of all the drama. The members of JSA and all of the HIT members (minus ACER213) get along very well. Acer213 however refuses to show maturity by leaving things in the past.

In mid April 2010 JSA officially retired from SWBF2. A small 4-man team remains hopefully gaining members over the summer and then re-instating it. JSA is now actively led by Rimsh0t who is one of our 2 CLs. Scorpio has taken a leave of absence to get things done in his personal life. JSA now operates on MW2 for 360 and SOCOM CA for ps2. We are attempting to start a MW2 for PS3 division as well. We have a record of 5-1 in the BFC tournament bracket and are currently in the lead and hold the best record. Rimsh0t and JordanJr have really put together an epic team. JSA will NEVER die. We eagerly await the return of CL_.X. who's absence has hit us all. .X. will always have a spot here in JSA and we are all anxiously awaiting his return. The active council now includes CL_Scorpio, CL_Rimsh0t, CDL_JordanJr, Gen_Vv ICEWOLF vV(A'den), MSG_BigRed1, and BM_OfficerMario with the inactive members being CCL_N4SiR, GEN_Blaze, {JSA}CL_.X., and COL_Kaito.

May 2010 JSA makes advances in all aspects. ACER213 begins to tell his [HIT] members to add {JSA} tags to their tags because he feels that, even though JSA is officially retired on BF2, he can just add the tags making him JSA. Well the JSA members didnt like that especially since a team was being created to take JSA out of retirement and two separate JSA tags would cause problems all over the community. A'den then took it on his own initiative to figure out why these problems were happening. ACER213 told him that he didnt like that JSA had retired on BF2 (unaware a team was being built) and felt X should have a spot when he returns. It was at this time A'den decided it would be wise to enter into negotiations to merge JSA and HIT factions since ACER213 was calling HIT a squad of JSA. Then it was decided that A'den would be the negotiator from the JSA side and lead the talks with ACER213. It was also at this time that the council be reorganized and comprised of only CLs, CCLs, DLs, and CDLs. The council then voted to promote A'den from GEN to CCL. The talks took place fairly smoothly with both sides reaching agreement. HIT was now combined with JSA on SWBF2 as well as SOCOM:CA. Things are beginning to look even better with complete peace between these teams as well as news from CL_.X. seeping onto the radar. The council consists of {JSA}CL_Scorpio, {JSA}CL/DLRoyal Rimsh0t, {JSA}CCL_A'den, {JSA}CCL/DL_BigRed1, {JSA}DL_Gibbles[HIT], {JSA}CDL_ACER213[HIT], {JSA}CDL_JordanJr, and {JSA}CDL_OFFICERMARIO with the inactive members being {JSA}CCL_N4SiR and {JSA}CL_.X.

Mid May 2010, once again shit hits the fan, literally. Two days after agreements are reached, Acer decides to go back on them and starts causing problems with SWBF2 as well as SOCOM. Acer along with HIT have been removed from the JSA world. As a result, JSA has gained allies with other clans. After a short feud, a few former HIT members saw the truth in what had actually happened and being misinformed by Acer they decided to rejoin JSA. The council consists of {JSA}CL_Scorpio, {JSA}CL/DLRoyal Rimsh0t, {JSA}CCL_A'den, {JSA}CCL/DL_BigRed1, {JSA}CDL_JordanJr, and {JSA}CDL_OFFICERMARIO with the inactive members being {JSA}CCL_N4SiR and {JSA}CL_.X.

In late May/June 2010, JSA revamps its SWBF2 division under the leadership of Assassin and Gman. Things begin to look well until disagreements arose between the council and Assassin who took it upon himself to try to restructure the entirety of JSA instead of focusing on his division. It was at this time Assassin decided that to retire from JSA which caused Gman to be promoted to DL of SWBF2. He has made great leeway in progressing his division. JSA has its first battle of the season against AOD coming up soon. All ranks except for CL, CCL, DL, and CDL have been eliminated from the rosters. Rank is no longer a focal point in anything JSA. Gman's push to eliminate rank from the SW roster solidified the structure within JSA. The future for JSA is looking bright as all of JSA is coming together to build a stronger base. The council consists of {JSA}CL_Scorpio, {JSA}CL/DLRoyal Rimsh0t, {JSA}CCL_A'den, {JSA}CCL/DL_BigRed1, {JSA}CDL_JordanJr, {JSA}DL_Gman, and {JSA}CDL_OFFICERMARIO with the inactive members being {JSA}CCL_N4SiR and {JSA}CL_.X.

In July 2010, Gman earns his promotion to CCL of JSA due to his extreme amount of effort in enhancing JSA's SWBF2 division. JSA still has had a few quarrellings with Acer213 and his imaginary competition with JSA. The BFC announces a second MW2 tournament bringing joy to the MW2 players in JSA while the SWBF2 team continues battling in their tournament. The activity in all the the JSA branches has increases causing the flame to burn brighter. The MW2 team has also began matches on the Game Battles site as well. Leonidas has also made his return to JSA and is ready to resume competition. The site also received a new, more modern look and was also edited to be more efficient. Things are looking positive for JSA as we continue going strong. However, a shadow of glum looms overhead as all of the JSA veterans continue to feel the absence of the beloved .X. which is enhanced by the BFC SWBF2 reunion season. The council consists of {JSA}CL_Scorpio, {JSA}CL/DLRoyal Rimsh0t, {JSA}CCL_A'den, {JSA}CCL/DL_BigRed1, {JSA}CDL_JordanJr, {JSA}CCL_Gman, and {JSA}CDL_OFFICERMARIO with the inactive members being {JSA}CCL_N4SiR and {JSA}CL_.X.

In early September 2010, A'den retired, Rimmy retired, JordanJr, and most of the MW2 team left JSA. Rimmy created a clan called H2O which most of the MW2 team joined, and A'den went his own way. The techy CCL of JSA, Kaze, returned from a long absence to handle the reins of JSA. He could not have arrived at a better time for most of JSA's leadership had left or gone inactive leaving JSA on a downward spiral. The only active leadership now consists of Kaze, Horst, and OfficerMario.

Sometime in October, after Kaze had once again vanished, N4SiR made he shining return. The SWBF2 ladders were non-existent as other clans left, MW2 was removed seeing as the team left, and nobody really gave a hoot about SOCOM. N4SiR then pushed to move JSA to PS3. The Council and A'den, who mainly took up being overall admin and advisor to Scorpio and never stopped being a CL, voted to promote N4SiR from CCL to CL. JSA was down to a handful of members who were scattered over a various number of games and though N4SiR tried with all his might, he was unable to make a comeback. The most influential members of the post X era JSA got together and decided it was best to just retire JSA as a whole. The leadership all came to the conclusion that JSA had been limping for sometime and even though N4SiR didnt want to give up there was nothing else that could be done. We decided that instead of the slow pathetic death JSA was facing, it would be best to respectfully retire JSA. This however does not mean that the friendships have to go away for we will continue to keep in touch through other means including the facebook group.

On 11/22/2010 the Jedi Sith Alliance {JSA} has Officially Retired From Any and All Gaming Communities and Games. The Jedi Sith Alliance {JSA} May Not be Resurrected in Any Way, Shape, or Form Unless Permission is Given From {JSA}CL_SCORPIO, {JSA}CL_A'den, {JSA}CL_N4SiR, {JSA}CCL_BigRed1, and {JSA}CCL_Gman Unanimously. We Have Had A Good Run, But All Good Things Must Come to an End. Thank You For Your Understanding. Those Who Voted For the Retirement of JSA were: {JSA}CL_SCORPIO, {JSA}CL_A'den (Ret.), {JSA}CL_RimSh0t (Ret.), {JSA}CCL_BigRed1, {JSA}CCL_Gman, and, {JSA}MAJ_Taylor.

JSA was home to many players including myself. It helped make me who I am today, and those before me have taught me the leadership skills which transfered to real life. X was like a father to many in JSA but to me evolved into more of a brother and I know he would be saddened just like me, but would also agree that it needed to be done. This was like a second family. We are all such a tight knit group that even though JSA is retired, it lives on through us. JSA will never die.The stories and friendships will never die. Weve stuck together through the good times as well as the bad and no matter the obsticle, we together overcame. I will miss JSA and the new friends it could have brought in, but all good things must come to an end.

I would Like to say that This is one of the most stable clans that I have seen on this game. I thought that it would live long past this date. I Hope to see it brought back and in full force, but for now, let it rest. May JSA Live long enough in our hearts so that others may see it.

I'll never forget the first time I played against JSA.
X had told me, then a Founding CL of ARC, that if things ever went south with my team, he had a spot polished for me. I didn't take him up on that for some time, but I did challenge his Legendary space crew to a fight of flight.
That was the most fun ass-kicking I ever received, and I know how to lose laughing. I had always considered myself a decent pilot, but X's ability to put a whole team of pilots together was unmatched- we were dead as soon as we left the hangar. We ended up, in a desperately calculated move, landing random fighters in scattered positions around the hangar, trying to force them inside, not being able to land, only to be shot down by our rockets. It was terrible- like a silent movie with the classical piano as a bunch of idiots fail over and over again, try as they might. That was the only Space Ladder the BFC ever did, and JSA swept it. More personally, X gained JSA my respect. So it was only natural when I decided that ARC was done that the very first place I thought to go was here at JSA. At first, I was not overly committed- admittedly, I feel that I sort of leeched a few members from beloved JSA for one last selfish summer of ARC. But those guys- GMan, Thunder and a few others, all came back, as did I. And it went slowly again for a while, with X gone and new clan structure going underway. I little more than participated until GMan pulled me back for SWBF2 in the summer of 2010- I began only interested but soon became committed. It wasn't long before I felt the need to prove my worth serving as GMan's CDL, and he thankfully accepted me. From that time, I've noticed something special about this place- JSA is my home away from home. It wasn't our prestige or our record that drew me- no, it certainly wasn't our record. It was the people that made it what it is. The people here, were the stars to allign and give me the choice to do it again, I'd pick up my controller, keyboard, or a damn E-11 Blaster Rifle for them at the drop of a detpack. Here's to you Aden, in your caring wisdom and sound judgement. Rimshot, for your dedicated improvements here and full-throttle attitude. My man G-Nasty, I know we will be playing somewhere soon, still wrecking shop. Big Red, I was always impressed by your dedication and attention to those serving under you. Scorpio, who held this clan together even when you could not play, that's insane dedication. OfficerMario, who I swear could rocketsnipe a white fly on the other side of Hoth, you never failed here and I appreciate you keeping the fort while you were going through what you had to go through. N4SiR, I wish we had really gotten to play more on MW2 together, maybe we still can sometime. Grandpa, you were an inspiration to me as a grunt and a person. Thundy, I hope to see you around, I met you in JSA, loved you in ARC, and missed you when I came back. Kaito, we only really talked once, flying around deep space one night in a random server, but I'll never forget the impression that conversation left on me. You are one enlightened cat and I wish we could have played more. Greedo, you were hillarious, I miss your humor greatly. Moni, I always thought you were a badass engineer, sorry things ended the way they did. Slabs, we never talked much inside the name of JSA, but you earned my mad respect elsewhere and helped make my time here better. Angelwing: Holy Shit. Spartan, Juvenile, Epsilon, Carolina, DarthReese, thanks for playing with us last summer and always giving your best effort. Anyone I'm forgetting, I'm sorry and I hope you all know that you, and these people I've just tediously listed, understand that you MADE this team for me. JSA would not be the JSA it was without great people like you, I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to take me in.
In the end, I wish there was something I could have done. But nothing that has happened will ever spoil the good times we had, and the accomplishment we felt after navigating troubled waters. X, if we ever cross paths again, you still owe me a dogfight. May the HORST be with you.

I left JSA but it has been by far one of the best clans I had the honor of playing with Goodbye JSA
- Gecko

Over time, JSA has had many members come and go who played the game of our roots (SWBF2), but all shared that same bond which was JSA. These members include: {JSA}CL_SCORPIO, {JSA}CL_Rimshot, {JSA}CL_.X., {JSA}CL_Aden, {JSA}CL_N4SiR, {JSA}CCL_Bolt, {JSA}CCL_BigRed1, {JSA}BM_OFFICERMARIO, {JSA}COL_Kaito, {JSA}MJR_Icymetal, {JSA}MSG_Moni, {JSA}MSG_Darkceeder, {JSA}SSG_Carolina, {JSA}LT_Grandpa, {JSA}CPL_Brett_M, {JSA}CPL_Horst, {JSA}CCL_Gman, {JSA}PVT_Gecko, {JSA}DM_Maul, {JSA}JM_Anakin, {JSA}COM_Bly, {JSA}DM_Sidious, {JSA}GSD_spaceshot, {JSA}GSD_Mike, {JSA}SPS_DarthChef, {JSA}GSD_I-REFUEL-U, {JSA}SMS_DeadGirl/ Foxy, {JSA}GSD_DAMCUZZ?, {JSA}GSD_HURLEY, {JSA}GSD_JOSH, {JSA}GSD_RUSTY, {JSA}GSD_WLLIAM, {JSA}GSD_DARTHSHONTS, {JSA}GSD_CHEIFEN, {JSA}SCM_KillDozer, {JSA}Wizard, {JSA}Slabs, {JSA}SP_DjCripp, {JSA}Redek, {JSA}Weapon, {JSA}SPC_LeMaster, {JSA}SP_Rogux1000, {JSA}Denko, {JSA}Pvt_Mike, {JSA}SP2C_Tater, {JSA}Kahn, {JSA}Roman, {JSA}SP_ME262, {JSA}Rune, {JSA}SPS_Tonka, {JSA}Predalien64, {JSA}EvilAnvil, {JSA}Shadow, {JSA}SPS_LordBlake, {JSA}SLT_Mayhiem, {JSA}SLT_Darthian, {JSA}SE_Chops, {JSA}SP_ACE, {JSA}SP_MasterTealc, {JSA}SP_Recndec, {JSA}SP_BOgey, {JSA}SP_Shane420,{JSA}SP_Scarface, {JSA}SP_JOEDIRT, {JSA}COM_BACARA, {JSA}COM_Marka, {JSA}CCL_Vagrant/Kazeninja, {JSA}Sgt_Assult aka {JSA}SP_Assulttank, {JSA}CCL_Angel_Wing,{JSA}CCL_Scorpion/DOOM, {JSA}SPLT_Galen, {JSA}SPP_Darkrai, {JSA}GICT_GunShot, {JSA}GE2LT_Devil_Wing, {JSA}GDC_Chase, {JSA}GIC_ICEWOLF, {JSA}JL_LOVEBATTERY,{JSA}JK_HEATHORG, {JSA}JA_J_Man, {JSA}JA_LichKing, {JSA}JP_OH_MAN, {JSA}JI_Mileena, {JSA}Cpl_King, {JSA}BlackStone, {JSA}LycanX, {JSA}WEEZY, {JSA}My_Rectum, {JSA}Zuko, {JSA}Java, {JSA}MJR_Taylor/Eros, {JSA}MSG_ACER213, {JSA}SweetRevenge, {JSA}Passion, {JSA}PL_Thunderxyz, {JSA}JoAd, {JSA}AFROMAN, {JSA}ADAM701, {JSA}MENACE, {JSA}TORQU3, {JSA}Epsilon, {JSA}GHOST,{JSA}BM_Leonidas, {JSA}SFC_Spirit, {JSA}Cpl_1Shot, {JSA}Pvt_Axl-Hybrid, {JSA}Pvt_Denied, {JSA}PL_Acer818, {JSA}PL_Ordo, {JSA}SPLT_Drej, {JSA}bisko, {JSA}GECL_DAGATKY, {JSA}GEP_Bdogg, {JSA}GSD_Annihlater, {JSA}GSS_Di.THECURE, {JSA}Jango_Fett, {JSA}JCM_Lord_Hoth, {JSA}JCM_TYVOKKA, {JSA}SPP ZION, {JSA}SPP_CADE, {JSA}SPP_Rebelvince, {JSA}SPP_WEAPON.TS,{JSA}SPS_MartinX, {JSA}SP_Cozmo, {JSA}YODA, {JSA}SPP_Trace, {JSA}Juvenile, {JSA}Evan, {JSA}DarthReese, {JSA}Equinox, {JSA}Stixx, {JSA}Spartan117, and many more who have faded into memories.

In July 2011, JSA was resurrected and reestablished by {JSA}CF_X, {JSA}CL_A'den, {JSA}CL_Scorpio, and {JSA}CCL_Rimshot. While our numbers are currently small, we are the dedicated crew that has stuck to it.

May 2012, X has returned and brought back some friends. He has taken a step back and focuses on SWBF2. Whether this will actually work and for how long is currently unknown. The council has been dissolved and the site now rivals the.... lack of professionalism of HIT. We all wish X the best of luck in all of his endeavors.  

Long Live JSA!!

November 16 2015 : Current time (EDT) 11:15 T minus 45 minute till the public launch of the New Starwars BattleFront
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"waited long we have for this game..."

 JSA Three simple letters,But what it holds within is so much more.Simply,to me,It is were i came to be.My debut in online gaming,The BattleFront was were i was raised.I go By XofJSA,once your JSA...Well...Nough Said.I carry it,as an Honorific>To honor the place of my online birth,The lessons i have learned about Gaming,People,Clan/Online groups,Leading said groups, and just hella lot about gaming.But the Clan,or the people,the time,those Epic game,or that one shot.For those who have come and gone threw JSA.And i will always keep it,Always have,in any game,social site,what ever.I AM X,i hail From the halls Of JSA.I am the last of the First Five.I am and always Will JSA.
 Do not get me wrong,i was never alone,There have been many who have stepped up and help shape JSA.I will not name any,they know who they are.And even those who did not step up in a big way.They too helped shape the clan.Without the members that made JSA what it was. JSA would have never been.I Salute you all,past,present and Future....
 The future,Well...
 The New Battlefront is a bit different,Billed not as a revamp,but a new vision.No private servers,no rent-able servers as of yet, No squad feature,just "one man team mate" shit. NO SPACE BATTLES.And over the years some are still PS,others Xbox.And some like myself PC.One more round,how ever it may be.Once more i will raise the Flag....

More to be added,but the New Battlefront is going live...
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--The History of JSA-- Empty Re: --The History of JSA--

Post by {JSA}CF_.X. on Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:32 pm

Let the Histories Show,That i XofJSA,Last of the First Five.Grant and Establish the Rank of Clan Founder of JSA to "{JSA}CCL_VOODOO" Aka to me A'Den....

The past is a memory,The future but a dream,The present is the reality...

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