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Post by {JSA}_BigRed1 on Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:41 pm

I began my Battlefront 2 career in August of 2008 as a Private in a clan that may be familiar to all of you, <LDS> the Legendary Death Squad. Led by <LDS>CL_Weazle, <LDS>CL_Bio~Storm, and <LDS>CL_Stern, <LDS> was thriving in activity and was one of the top 5 teams in the Battlefront Community. I rose through the ranks rather quickly and became a General and <LDS>'s top rocket whore. In October of 2008, a war had just begun between <LDS> and an older clan reborn out of <LDS> named [TDS]. [TDS] used dirty tactics including attempts at hacking <LDS>'s site, corrupting our members, and raiding our servers. Meanwhile, my good friends Stern and Weazle did nothing, so on October 23rd, 2008.

On October 23rd, 2008. I made my clan AoN, the Assassins of Night. AoN lasted (the first time) until December when myself and the other CL, Nightfrost (most currently known as [RAPTOR]RF-|Riven,) disbanded AoN over a petty argument. We finished 12-4 overall and a top contender in the Battlefront Community.

In December, I joined TRoT and over the next two months I rose to the rank of General alongside our fellow JSA member, DarthEvan. Around March, due to the inactivity of {TRoT}Emperor_Maximus and {TRoT}Chancellor_Mesmex... TRoT was mainly run by myself and Evan. We were consistently considered among the top 3 clans on the Battlefront Community, only behind LSJ and COS. On my birthday, April 9th, 2009. I left TRoT (on PS2, I remained a TRoT 360 member until October, 2010) due to me getting an Xbox 360 and thinking I would never play again, haha. In my time in TRoT I recruited the following notable players: Tetris, Mikegalaxy, BigRed1, IC3H4WK, Stern, matt4, Killanade, Acerdarth, Negotiator, Spartan117, and Killer.

In May, I joined LSJ on Battlefront 2, I started at grunt for LSJ and helped LSJ clinch their undefeated Battlefront Community championship. I left LSJ due to my total dislike of the LSJ v. JSA war... I was voted into the Battlefront Community All Star Game as second rocket alongside LSJ's starter and my good friend LAK.

I joined AoD and was there about 2 days as an officer when we had a match against WWII. I consider this my greatest feat in my SWBF2 history. AoD was borderline getting into the Battefront Community playoffs and needed the win vs. WWII to get in. WWII won the first two maps due to AoD-Frenzii's terrible leadership. I took over with strategies and I led AoD to win the last 3 maps by a landslide. Frenzii's egotistical attitude led him to kick me out for insubordination the next day. I then retired from SWBF2 and took a 7 month hiatus from SWBF2 until I brought AoN back to go 3-0 for a short time this past January.

On 360, I left TRoT in October due to the leaders being complete dumbfucks XD and I ran AoN from January to early May. Since then I've been in JSA screwing around trying not to hate Modern Warfare 2 and praying for Black Ops.

I am a sniper...
A loner...
I am not a part of the world...
But merely observe it through my crosshair...
I live by the shadows and die by the shadows...
I am always distant from everything else...
I am fearful by strength...
Invincible by distance...
Being a sniper is the worst thing to be...
Only hell can cleanse what we do.

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