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Post by {JSA}Gman on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:57 pm

I have been playing Battlefront 2 since I was introduced to it by a good friend of mine. Something about the game got me hooked. I "borrowed" the game until my friend told me just to keep it. It was not until the summer of 2008 that I began playing online. Some friends of mine that lived on my street also loved the game brought their ps2's and tvs over to my place and we set up shop. The three of us (Zero, Fish, and I) wore [FOX] tags and always stuck together although not a real clan. We played almost only in the MERC server and would leave and come back to the server until we were all 3 on the same team. These were my best days. I was constantly number one on the list playing against great players such as JoseConseco, Bad, Assassin, and many others. I would finish with scores like 35-1, 20-0, 65-3 and such (I have pictures). Damage increase and Flechette were not something I was surprised to get, but rather something I expected to get. Nevertheless, things changed.

Later in the summer, I got a headset and started using it. I wanted very badly to be in MERC, but knew nothing of forums and chatboxes so I just played my butt of and hoped they would ask me to join. However, JSA got to me first. A player by the name of Apprentice found me and asked me to join. We did the old fashion 1v1 glad on Coruscant plus some space stuff. I passed and was put in a battle that day with players whose names I do not remember.

Shortly after my time with JSA things changed. JSA was practically dead. Our server became a Jedi server and I was ready to move on, but I didn't know where. I wore aliases and tried to find clans that would take me. I had no takers so I decided to stick it out. X returned and things picked back up.

In the summer of 2009, we had some issues in JSA and I didn't like the way they were being handled. Some issues were personal, but thats irrelevant. I left as JSA's Battle Master to join ARC as a Captain for the summer. Things with ARC were exactly how I wanted them to be in JSA. We played well, won our share of fights, and got along very well. It was a good time, but it only lasted the summer. I returned to JSA but was inactive because of college.

Now I am back in JSA. We still have our struggles, but we pull through. I am proud to be a part of one of the, if not the, longest teams in Battlefront 2. I don't fight like I used to, but I can still hold my own. I'm excited to see what the future has in store.


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