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Post by {JSA}_BigRed1 on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:44 am

I first started my clanning business with The Reign of Terror (TRoT). I was merely the age of 14 at the time, and had an ego the seize of a beached whale. I had alot of trouble when I was in TRoT either from high ranking officer treating me like a peice of dog meat, or getting flamed on their chatbox. I was trying to make a good impression on everyone, that I was a respectable player. I didn't curse for the first month i was in TRoT, but that all changed one day. I could not go into thir server becuase it was a peice of shit so I got wrote up for missing practices. Then one day as fate would have it we had a practice i could go to. It was in the JSA server at the time owned by {JSA}CL_.X.. After that practice I devised a way to get my parents to buy me a headset. And thus the Southerner in me was brought out. Every time I opened my mouth in any server I was ridaculed as being a " Hick, Redneck, Racist, and idiot." Not Soon after I posted my resignation fron TRoT, I received a warm invitation from X to join JSA. Without a second though I took the offer, and I am still glad to this day I did.

I began as a PL like everyone else, but I quickly rose through the ranks like lightning. It seemed when I put the JSA tag on I was home. Not long after I joined a new face came on the sceen. Thunderxyz. We both earned the reputation in most of the swbf2 servers as deadly snipers. Either we were working together on a group of people or singling out an individual we worked as a team. Everytime we were near eachother we tried to outdo eachother. Over time we went our seperate ways. And soon after, I was taken under the wing of WILDEYE. He taught me every trick he knew about sniping and using other classes. To this day I have never been able to beat him. Time passes and WildEye left the gaming business, And I have not seen him since.

Through the months I was in 2 wars with LSJ, which never got fully on. At that time I was given the oppertunity to organize an assault on LSJ. Soon After that I was given the rank of CCL from Aden who gave it to me. I was not ready for the ability so I gave it back to him. ( Ill finish putting up the rest of my history tomarrow)

I am a sniper...
A loner...
I am not a part of the world...
But merely observe it through my crosshair...
I live by the shadows and die by the shadows...
I am always distant from everything else...
I am fearful by strength...
Invincible by distance...
Being a sniper is the worst thing to be...
Only hell can cleanse what we do.

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