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Post by {JSA}CCL_VOODOO on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:06 am

This is the story of Carolina and his rise to the Rank of Staff Sergeant.

Twas Late June of '09, football in full swing.
After my morning workouts, i needed something.
Something more than Coke, more than a cold drink.
Something like Ps2 and more, lets think
I got an adapter to play online games
My gameplay experience was ultimately changed.
I first signed on as CarolinaSteve.
The last five letters soon would leave.
I saw JSA and checked out the site.
I filled out my App by the end of the night.
I was tried out by the beginning of July
BigRed1 did the job, a Lieutenant at the time
I just made the cut by the skin of my teeth
I won 4-3 at the class of Engy
I joined at a time of thriving morale.
Applicants booming, i was making new pals.
X was still here, Kaito at that
and Leonidas was BM, on his throne he sat.
Practices regular, battles common too
from what i remember we only lost two [battles].
i played everyday when i got home.
I'd fire up the old black box and get in the zone.
By August a corporal, and December, a SGT
and by early January an old SSG.
In October, i left, i needed a leave
School had its pressures, so i rolled up my sleeves.
The clan seemed perfect with X at the lead
No kinds of drama appeared so it seemed.
When i returned in December, 9th or 10th i recall
X was in jail, apart we began to fall.
A dream team was made, some didn't agree
at first, i didn't worry, it didn't involve me
I learned of Kaito's great leave, he retired from us
he didn't like these plans, so he began to fuss
after he left, i learned of a secret.
He taught me a trick i will never regret.
i would tell you but alas i shall not
i made a promise to him, that i haven't forgot[ten].
Scorp took command Aden at his side
he made new rules by which we'd abide.
he expanded our outreach to MW2
And also to Socom (thats on the PS2)
Now recently, its been tough with acer and HIT
but now we've worked that out and all of its shit

On a side note and story, i was offered a chance
To leave JSA and join another clan
I was playing the server and some kid came along
he offered me General in a clan he'd make strong
I don't know the name or if his wish ever came true
i just know, sure as hell, he'd have to make do.
Of course i denied him, i prolly doubled his age.
and the way he played, he wasn't at a CL stage
and i knew i was a private for a reason at the time
i wasn't a general because it just wasn't time

Now back to the story so i can end it and move on
I've been in this clan for a year going strong
I'll never leave it till the whole thing is gone.
Long live JSA and let us always go on!

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