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Post by {JSA}CCL_VOODOO on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:33 pm

I got Star Wars Battlefront 2 when it first came out because, like Rimmy, I loved the first. I didnt ever play online until early 2008 because I didnt have the ethernet cord or a mic. I played in the MERC server alot when i first started online. I played as Bkast4480. I was good when it came to 1 v1 because well people are alot different than ai. I was pretty good at sniping because ai and people have the same head, and I also mainly sniped on BF1. I found the whole clan thing kinda interesting and decided to apply to join MERC. I was of course denied because I didnt have a mic. I was then picked up by Spartan117 and joined DRE. What it stands for I have no idea. Dark Reigning Empire maybe? Well I got a mic at that point and stuck with DRE for a little bit. Eventually I ended up in a leadership position. Spartan wanted there to be different councils within DRE and I decided to make the Mandalorian Council. I even made my first site for the council complete with its own c-box. Well Spartan wasnt too happy when all of DRE joined the Mandalorian Council and he and his brother were stuck with there own thing. We basically became our own little clan because we didnt really have a need to go to the DRE site and it was at that point KC$ and Healthorg decided to leave DRE and create TFL (the final legion). I was their first recruit. When we left DRE, we left it with 3 members because most of DRE seemed to follow to TFL. I ended up downloading a server for us to use and DRE ended up dying off. I stuck with TFL for a bit and retained control of the Mandalorian council. Somewhere near the end of my time with TFL (neither TFL or DRE were very active) I changed my name to A'den and came across the JSA server. Thats where I met X, Bolt, Rectum, Icewolf, and a few other JSA members. I enjoyed playing with them and it was just alot of fun. I did turret whore in space though which got me in a bit of trouble because Id be shoot them down with ease. X taught me to fly and then I asked to join.

My tryout was with X, Bolt, and Rectum (who had just completed a rank up test). I managed to hold my own against them using guerrilla tactics of hit and run since we were on felucia. I passed and was accepted into JSA as a PVT like everyone else. We had a match, my first ever, soon after I joined. It was Me, Kaze and 2 other JSA members. Even though we ended up losing, I was voted MVP for the map of Polis Masa as a sniper. In the next month or so I progressed to the rank of CCL. Even though I one of the newest members, I was put in charge when X needed to get away for a bit. One time when X was gone for over a month things got real bad and membership was down to 6 or 7 members total. We were barely scrapping by. Devil_Wing (how he got admin idk) decided to take over the site and take admin away from myself and X as he had recently returned. Luckily X had a second account which he created the site with and was able to restore everything. Our forums were wiped out though, personal records and all. We then had to start up from scratch and we redid the ranking system and tried to make things easier. We even were making a new site and changing the clan name from JSA to TNA (The New Alliance). When proposed to the members, they decided they wanted to stay as JSA.

So we stayed JSA but still tossed around the idea of a new site as we were getting tired of forumarena. It was at that time forumarena went down. Well luckily they managed to cobble things together so the chat boxes were still on the old site even though the old site was gone. X and I quickly cobbled together a new site (joinjsa.forumotion.com) that we were able to make the transition to. X left again for a bit and we really were getting kinda slow on matches so to stay busy I joined DD as DD 572. It was two days after my tryout with DD X came back and made me chose between DD or JSA. So I of course chose JSA. I left DD after only two days of being a member so Im not on any of their rosters. Things went well with JSA and X and I kept making changes and working on things. Throughout my time with JSA I have attempted to change my name to Ares, Werewolf, and Kyr'am. None of these names stuck since everyone kept calling me A'den anyways so I always ended up keeping A'den. When I was getting to busy with school I pushed X into allowing me to make BR a CCL and me dropping back to GEN. Well BRs promotion was way to sudden and turned out to be a huge mistake. Upon seeing my failure I demoted him back to PVT, but he refused to change his rank until X made him. I refused to readd my CCL tag and instead chose MJR as a result of my actions. I did however end up wearing my CCL tag again later after a discussion with X. Eventually in the short time before X's most recent departure, I got fed up with some of the decisions being make regarding the whole "Dream Team" argument and I lft JSA and did a short stint with COS. X then apologized, explained everything, and asked me to come back. Obviously I did. I was demoted to MJR upon request because I felt I didnt deserve CCL after leaving; however, I was soon promoted to GEN and then back to CCL.

It was around this time that we created the JSA council. With Xs most recent departure, I was voted to become CL and had Scorpio as my CCL. Scorp and myself created a new site, the one we are at now, authorized the creation of the SOCOM division originally headed by Acer213, but lost leadership when we switched to SOCOM CA and BR1 was made DL, and brought Rimmy offering the job as CODMW2 DL for 360. We made many advancements with JSA including making the somewhat useful facebook page for JSA. I also proposed the vote to make Scorpio a second CL since I was planning to retire and he was the best man for the job. I then retired from JSA, but Scorpio kept in touch with me asking me to be his advisor. Under pressure from Rimmy I bought a 360 and applied to the 360 division. Scorp, refusing to let me be a PVT for more than a week promoted me to GEN. I remained as a GEN until recently when I was promoted to CCL for the fourth time as the head "ambassador" for the HIT negotiations. They were successful until Acer decided to go against them and we all know how that turned out. I also encouraged Scorp to make Rimmy CL since he wouldnt be around much and I know Rimmy quite well and know he has the leadership abilities. And yea, thats me.

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