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Post by Rimsh0t on Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:05 am

I started competitive gaming in December 2004. I purchased Battlefront 2 after falling in love with the original. The beginning of December is when I was able to first connect to the internet. At this time I was only 13 years old, and in the 8th grade.

December 25th came, and I was given a mic from my Grandparents. Already I had been in servers playing with clans, just trying to get my name out there because I always had a craving to be in a clan. On the 25th, and after unwrapping my gift, I went straight into the =DSF= server and they recruited me on the spot, with no tryout. These guys became good friends of mine (even though they probably wont remember my former name of CT Brown). At this point in my SWBF2 career, I only played engy, and I was on the DSF space team, even though we never practiced and I was not a good pilot.

That year became tough towards the end. I had to focus in on school. I left DSF without saying a word to anyone, hoping to be back another time. When I came back, they were gone, and I was sad.

As a current freelancer, I was eager to get back into another clan. That's when I found Weazle. At the time he was running a clan called MAD with his brother, Squirrel. I tried out, and he liked what he saw. I still used engy, but I asked him if he had a space team I could join. He replied, "No, but would you like to lead one?" I accepted. I spent hours upon hours in a 4 man space recruiting server. It was during this time that I really learned how to fly. I learned how to bomber snipe better than anyone I had played in my little 4 man room, and could out maneuver anyone, even in a bomber. This was also my first leadership role within any game. But eventually, something happened, and <MAD>Cpt.Brown went inactive. I also played my first competitive match, which was a 2v2 in Mos Eisley and another map that has faded from memory. We won 2-0.

When I came back to battlefront a few weeks later, Weazle had started a new clan, called NSS. I joined, but the clan was having some hard times recruiting. Because it was not a very active clan, I slipped out the back door and joined a new clan.

I joined (DSF) hoping it was the DSF I was once in. Unfortunately, it was not. They made me a leader of their space team, but I left a few days later.

So I joined =SDA= as the name Bloodshed, which was based off of one of the songs that my band and I wrote. I forget who exactly was in leadership at the time, but I gave it a shot. I was recruited as a pilot, and could take down any of the fellow pilots in the =SDA= space team without a problem, just simply using my bomber. some drama broke out, and I left.

According to my gamespy, I joined a clan called {TUK} under the name Mobydick (which is based off of a song by Led Zeppelin, a drum solo by John Bonham). I cannot describe what went on here. I don't know.

I always liked the clan tag <?> It was clever, I thought. So I tried joining The Question under the name Stavern. As a <A> (trial member) I found that this clan was not for me. So I joined a new clan.

I joined a clan called -=FA=- and it just wasn't right for me. Stavern left

Then Stavern joined a clan called {EUS}. I have no memory of this clan. They eventually changed their name to {SK}.

I quit {SK} when I saw that =SDA= was back up and running under the name =Fox=. I joined as a Private still using the name Stavern. At this time, the clan was lead by Foxstrike, who was one of the 3 main leaders in =DSF= back in my days. He tried me out, and beat me 5-0. At this time, I was starting to use all the classes, but Engy was still my main for ground. Fox went inactive, and Sweeper, my previous Space leader, took the reigns of the clan. I was bumped up to be in charge of the space team. I remember we had a few good pilots in this clan back then, one by the name Tonka Truck and this is also where I met Clonewolf. We challenged Rx2, but the match never happened, because not all of Rx2 members showed. A rematch never occured. Sweeper started a lot of drama, and yelled at me for "spamming" the forums, and I quit =FOX=, and quit SWBF2 in general.

...But I came back, and joined the "new and improved" =SDA= as Rimshot. Once again, I was placed as the space leader, but it was at this time, this new fresh start, that I started playing any class but Engy. My favorite was sniper. I played in one match with =SDA= and we lost 2-0. Sweeper had another ourbreak, and I left, along with half the clan.

One =SDA= member, Lethe, left and formed [VU]. He is one of the most inspiring leaders I've ever had. Not only was her organized, but he was laid-back, and actually TRAINED his members. I never would have known that the head shot for a sniper is to the top right of the actual head. It was in this clan that I also started training in Grunt. This clan was created when Halo 3 was just coming out. Because of this, the game was just not the same as it used to be. I wanted an xbox 360. [VU] ended up completely stopping on Playstation, and ended up on Xbox, never to be heard from again. But it is right here where my goal to buy an xbox 360 began. because of boredom with the game, and a desire to only play Halo 3, I stopped playing SWBF2.

But I came back, and joined good ol' Weazle's latest clan <LDS> under the name Rimsh0t. On my first day back, feeling a little rusty, and my tryout was in space. I won 4-1 and was instantly made space leader of <LDS>. While flying with my team, Weazle introduced me to the CL of his first clan, {JSA}CL_.X. X was playing in the LDS server, and he claimed to be a pretty good pilot. I've seen the JSA tag before, but I always assumed that the clans that started with the letter "J" meant it was a Jedi Assault clan. So X and I went and played a 1v1 match in space.

For the first time ever, I found myself against someone who was better than me in space. I've never been beaten before, and always claimed to be the best. But X was obviously better. He beat me 3/4 times, no matter what ship I used, Scout, basic, or Bomber. He told me I was a really good pilot, and my defense skills were superb, but I needed to work on my offense. I made that my goal, and eventually got the timing perfect for the intercepter missile combo. (shoot one missile as a decoy, then follow up with rest so that it hits their ship right after they dodge.) After that night, tho, I started playing with the other JSA guys. Rogue was a better bomber?! What, this is unheard of, I thought I was the best bomber. This other guy, Bolt? He's better than me too! I made it my goal to beat JSA in space with my LDS team. But my LDS team was not motivated enough to better themselves in space. I ended up leaving LDS.

JSA was an amazing clan. I was warmly welcomed by everyone, and I loved their ranking system. In all my previous clans, one could start as a General. But in JSA, everyone starts as a Private and has to make their way up to the top. I was intrigued. I met this one guy, Scorpio, and found out that we made a great team when we played together in Mygeeto. That's when we made a plan to start training together. We were going to create strategies and practice to try to better JSA. Then eventually we would bring more people in until we had a full squad. That plan was interrupted by my mic breaking. Because of this, I went inactive.

Not long after my mic breaking, I decied to buy an Xbox 360. With it, I purchased Call of Duty, World at War. I joined JSA's newly founded Xbox division, but nothing came of it. So I kept playing my xbox casually. 2 months after purchasing my xbox, it broke (red ringed). So I had to send it in. This process took at least a month in a half. To get my video game fix, I bought a new PS2 mic, and came back to JSA. Sadly, Scorpio was in a new squad ran by Kaito. During this period of SWBF2, I trained only grunt, as well as only bomber in space. I could tell that the game was dying even more than when I had been there last.

It had been 5 years. I was age 18. You could say I grew up with SWBF2. The death of it saddened my heart.

In Mid-July, I got my xbox back, and went inactive from JSA again. However, JSA did have another go at the Xbox divison. I brought my real-life buddy in, Shawn, but our team didn't go any further than a few pub matches in Halo. I was a call of duty guy, they were halo. I hardly fit. The only reason I stayed with them was because they were the only breath of JSA left in the console I was playing.

...Again, I was on my own...

Until one day around Christmas of 2009 I recieved a group request on Facebook to Jedi~Sith~Alliance. I accepted and said my hello to my beloved clan. I told them how I was playing COD: MW2 for Xbox and that I miss JSA. I gave out my GT and told them to hit me up if they have XBL accounts. A few days past new years, I got a Facebook message from A'den asking if I would like to lead a new division: the COD: MW2 for Xbox 360. I had already been thinking about starting a team for the game, and this was my chance. I approved. And there, I saw Grandpa and Horst waiting for me, like a soldiers waiting for their General. I invited all of my RL friends who play the game. Only one of them was interested, my friend Jordan. Jordan became my third member, and after talking to him, I made him my CDL (co-division leader). With Jordan came his brother PFH. Then came Gecko made a return, who was a previous member in JSA for SWBF2. During a practice session, Jordan's friend Roastbeef joined our party and game. We recruited him after the practice. Then Gecko's friend REB joined. A'den bought an xbox, and then he joined as well. Following A'den, Roastbeef's brother Tincan joined. The next day, I found Renobatogi in a pub match, and asked him to join. And then Demon joined 2 days after that.

The next week, the BFC ladder began.

Our first match was Domination on High Rise. It was a really close match. the opposing team, MoH pulled ahead at the last second, despite 2 Triple Kills by Jordan at the end.

Then we played BoW in Domination at Karachi. They only had 2 members show up, so it was a crushing victory for JSA.

Next was LDS 4v4 on Rundown TDM. JSA was able to hold all three bridges all game long and took the win.

JSA vs. AoN: 4v3 on Terminal Demoliton. AoN was short-handed one man, and as a result, JSA was victorious.

JSA vs. LDS: 4v4 on Terminal TDM. A close match for the first half, but then JSA soared away for the victory.

After the loss to JSA, AoN CL_Poison was so impressed that he joined JSA. (Actually his clan fell through). With him came Killem, another previous AoN member. Killem is the latest member to the JSA team. All members seen above are still with us today. We will continue to play competitively, but still be laid-back and play to have fun.

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